The US Air Force will test a hypersonic aircraft

Air Force (Air Force) The United States will conclude a $ 60 million contract with Hermeus, which involves the creation of a flight demonstrator of a reusable hypersonic Quarterhorse aircraft, Breaking Defense reports.

It is noted that this aircraft is intended for testing a combined-cycle turbine engine developed on the basis of a General Electric J85 turbojet engine.” By the end of the flight test campaign, the Quarterhorse will become the fastest reusable aircraft in the world, ” Hermeus assures.

Breaking Defense writes that the Quarterhorse will fly at five times the speed of sound, resulting in “a journey from New York to Paris will take only 90 minutes compared to about seven and a half hours required today.”

The Drive notes that the technologies being developed at Quarterhorse can be used in the creation of high-speed administrative aircraft and “other applications”.

In July, the publication reported that the US Air Force failed flight tests of the prototype of the AGM-183A Air-Launched Rapid Response Weapon (ARRW) hypersonic missile for the second time.